Cost Containment

SmartBill saves you money

You always know what you are paying for

  • SmartBill has heavily invested in print and inserting technology and facilities to support any style of document, whether it’s highlight color, black and white, or full color. We’ll support you now and well into the future.
  • Our investment in industry-leading software automation tools reduces the time it takes for document changes, conversions and delivery to market. You save both time and money and eliminate the need for hard code programming. This gives you greater flexibility in your advertising and messaging capabilities and the ability to change how your documents look, without accruing additional costs.
  • Our investment in sophisticated intelligent inserting technology makes your invoices and statements more accurate, reducing errors which saves you money.
  • SmartBill can handle multiple documents in one envelope, saving you money and giving your customers a cleaner, more concise view of their bills. We sort and bundle your bills for the most cost-effective postal rates, saving 10–15 percent.
  • SmartBill purchases in large volume and passes on those savings to you. By storing paper and envelopes in our own warehouse, we eliminate unnecessary warehouse picking and delivery costs.
  • SmartBill provides a complete audit trail so you can verify that the billing job was done correctly—sparing you costly mistakes and preserving your well-earned reputation with your customers.
  • SmartBill employs experts who know and understand the best practices for bill printing and mailing as well as electronic bill presentment and payment. Implementing these practices increases our efficiencies and keeps our costs in check—savings we pass on to you.