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The SmartBill team has over 125 years of combined experience in bill print and output services, including nearly 40 years of experience in the leading enterprise document management software, as well as vast experience in print/mail and the latest online payment technology.


The SmartBill Difference


Producing your customer bills in-house is difficult, and it takes up a lot of your employees’ time. With SmartBill, we make it easy to create, customize, and modify your invoices, so you can focus on your business.


SmartBill employs experts who know and understand the best practices for bill printing and mailing as well as electronic bill presentment and payment. Implementing these practices increases our efficiencies and keeps our costs in check which are savings we pass on to you.


SmartBill recognizes the increasing importance of data security in today’s digital world. We invest in the best people, technology, and facilities to protect your most sensitive data. SmartBill protects your customer information with the industry's highest level of information security and data encryption standards.

SmartBill saves your money

"You see exactly what every charge is for."

How much are you overspending?

If you're not using SmartBill, you're probably paying too much. With SmartBill, there are no hidden charges and you never overpay for postage.

Lower Your Costs

Our continuous process improvements drive down our costs, and we share the savings with you.

Free quote and analysis

Want to save 10-15-20 percent or more on your mailed documents? Get a free print/mail analysis from SmartBill to see how much you can save over your current process.

Bill printing, electronic presentation and payment services.

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SmartBill Services

The right services. The right price.

Printing & Mailing Services

SmartBill offers a full range of black & white and full color print technology, document formatting and dynamic content capabilities. We also feature the industry’s most sophisticated, intelligent inserting, postal coding and scripting services.

Document Processing

SmartBill provides sophisticated and cost-effective outsourced data handling and formatting services for businesses that operate their own printers and inserters. Take advantage of SmartBill’s ability to create flexible customized communications while preserving your existing investment.

SmartPay Works

We are uniquely positioned to add value to your payment services. We streamline the on-boarding process, enhance support through visibility across the payment process, simplify the service fee structure and ease reconciliation. Faster, better, easier to understand and saving you money!


Our Clients Say

CFO of a Large Midwestern

We used to produce our 14,000 customer bills in-house each month. That took lots of employee time. With SmartBill, we've reduced invoicing time, we are saving money and are better able to communicate with our customers.

Director of Finance at a

Making Changes to the format of our invoices is really simple with SmartBill and it's handled very quickly... I'm very pleased with SmartBill's service and would definitely recommend them to other hospitals.

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